The Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling headphones are Sony’s competitor to the Bose series. Like most Sony products, they are well made and have decent technology behind them. These MDR-NC60s have decent active noise cancellation, providing 12dB noise reduction at 200Hz. This is the equivalent of shutting out 93.7% of the ambient noise. The Sony MDR-NC60 comes with carrying case, battery, uni-match plug adapter, airline adapter, detachable cord.


  • Superb value for money
  • Good materials and construction
  • Comes with solid carrying case, battery and a number of assortments
  • Comes with Sony’s limited warranty.


  • Sound quality not up to “audiophile” sound quality


  • Headphone form: over-the-head, fold-flat ear-cups
  • Weight: 8.11 oz (with battery)
  • Battery: 1 AAA (included)

Amazon Customer Reviews – Abbreviated

Reviewer works in an office with a noisy AC and next to a parking garage. Reviewer is satisfied with the Sony MDR-NC60 and recommends them. These are the reviewer’s first noise cancelling headphones. She is impressed with the noise cancellation feature but believes that noise cancellation headphones cannot compare to more regular headphones in terms of audio quality. She had the same complaint with the Bose QC-15. Nevertheless, she considers the audio quality good and balanced.


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Reviewer purchased two pairs of the Sony MDR-NC60 headphones. He and his wife use them for 14 hour flights. The reviewer testifies that the noise cancellation works effectively, both while listening to media and otherwise. The reviewer points to the size as the single drawback of the unit, a problem when attempting to sleep with them on. Reviewer however notes that this is a minor issue. He considers the case to be sturdy and handy for airport security checks.

Golf Course Builder “Steve,”

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The reviewer is a frequent flyer and recommends the Sony MDR-NC60 Headphone. He/she prefers them over, what he terms, exorbitantly priced Bose headphones. Reviewer notes that the headphones have effective noise cancellation. Reviewer’s only issue is that the tight fit of the headphones, while necessary for noise cancellation, gives him/her headaches with prolonged use.


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